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Mountain flavours in the Monte Cherz restaurant at Campolongo Pass

For those that have known us for a long time a visit to our restaurant in Araba at Campolongo Pass is a must! Strudels and Polenta with Venison prepared by Mr. Albina are part of the history of the Dolomite Passes. Those lucky enough to try them remember the taste, consistency and aroma with pleasure. The main characteristic of the Monte Cherz restaurant is Tradition. In all respects from the restaurant to the bar. The Restaurant serves classic Ladin dishes from Typical Canederli dumplings with Malga Butter and Smoked Ricotta cheese, to Strudel with South Tyrolean Apples, Cinnamon, Raisins and Pine Nuts. All made according to traditional recipes. The environment is simple but really welcoming.

Why not try even a crispy pizza in the summer season?

Don’t miss the opportunity to dine on our sunny panoramic terrace!

Lunch 12.00 – 14.00

Dinner 19.00 – 20.30

ristorante sala caminetto

The chimney room

Who would have thought that a fairy tale could come true?
The wood burns slowly in the fireplace, the fragrance of herbal teas made using mountain herbs or of warming mulled wine, the peace of quiet reading or the soft sound of a piano in the background. A warm blanket and soft cushions on our comfortable armchairs await you with soft lighting surrounded by thousands of stories hung around the walls.

It is here that the magic starts, let yourself be carried away…

ristorante la stua

The Stua, wood panelled dining-sitting room.

Our Stua is a lived-in space, all the fabrics, wood and aromas are full of memories. It is the heart of our hotel in Campolongo Pass and conviviality. A tribute to being together. The tables positioned around the benches with the wood stove will brighten up your evenings with good food and wine. Laughter and happy times will remain in your memories like our regular guests that for more than 50 years have written the story of Monte Cherz with us.

We’ll let you into a little secret, every so often Mrs. Albina drops by with a jam tart or a strudel hot out of the oven, obviously made by her with her secret short crust pastry recipe!  Real moments of pleasure for the body and mind for those that are there at the right time!

il bar

The Bar

The Monte Cherz Bar is indigenous and knows all about the mountains. White lamps, red fabric and wood that warms the environment. Sunlight filters in through the windows that provide views of a magical panorama and pleasant cosiness. Our bar is never cold, it is homely and welcoming.

We provide smiles and the best coffee in the Passes. Of course there are snacks at all times of the day: delicious sandwiches, tempting desserts and savoury dishes with local Speck, salamis and cheeses, ice-creams and hot or cold drinks depending on the season.

Open every day from 07:30 to 23:00

The Terrace

Our terrace is a real gem, especially during the summer season. Pretty tables with beautiful tablecloths that are fragranced with the scent of the countless flowers that surround us will brighten your days. Our terrace provides special moments at all hours of the day!

Overlooking the Campolongo plateau, it has a view that inspires serenity. Mesole and Monte Padon are on the horizon.

Here you can have lunch, have refreshing drinks or just simply read a book bathed in rays of sunlight.