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New Wellness Center

Relax in the Dolomites in our hotel in
Arabba with swimming pool and SPA

Ready to enjoy a wellness and relaxation holiday in our hotel in Arabba with pool?
We at Monte Cherz are pleased to welcome you to our new wellness centre with panoramic views of the Sellaronda.

Here, you can pull the plug from your usual routine and immerse yourself completely in an oasis of peace and tranquility. The ideal place to regenerate mind and body after a day spent discovering the beauty of the Dolomites or enjoying sports and fun thanks to the many outdoor activities that the resort offers both in summer and winter. 

With its 370 square metres, the new wellness centre in Arabba has been designed to guarantee an exclusive experience of relaxation in one of the most fascinating and interesting mountain resorts in Italy. A large structure divided into three areas: Water, Saunas and Relaxation, which will take you on a path of wellness accompanied by breathtaking views.

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Water zone directly from our Dolomite springs

The first area of the wellness centre, inside our historical Hotel with swimming pool in Arabba, where you will be welcomed is the Water zone. Water is a healthy, refreshing and relaxing element.

Here you will find a state-of-the-art indoor infinity pool, 31 degrees of Dolomite water, pure relaxation and pleasure for body and mind.

Swimming can be a pleasant leisure activity, or a sporting activity. Our state-of-the-art swimming pool is equipped with the counter-current swimming device that will give you the thrill of swimming in a Dolomite stream: it is the dream of everyone who leads an active life. The pool is also equipped with three wall-mounted massagers perfect for muscular awakening - calf - quadriceps - back - especially suitable for skiers, cyclists and sportsmen of various kinds, as well as for guests who desire a vigorous and pleasantly regenerating massage. A spacious lounger area will give you the opportunity to rest and relax while reading a book.

Another element that makes up the water area is the panoramic whirlpool bath, also of the latest generation, with water from the Dolomite springs. Accommodating up to 12 people, it guarantees total relaxation of the body and recovery of lost energy. The special feature of this whirlpool bath is the underwater massage with numerous balance massagers at different intensities and positions to satisfy the entire body.

Finally, for optimal toning, the Acquamoon showers are a must: an emotional journey that alternates hot and cold showers with various intensities of aromas.

A relaxation path for adults only

Another corner dedicated to wellness and relaxation is the "Ciof & ierbe da mont" area.
A space focused on the concept of heat and aromatic mountain herbs that help to relax and release any tension. 

The Sauna Zone in our wellness centre in Arabba includes:

  • A high-mountain hay sauna: it is characterized by a high degree of air humidity and relatively low temperatures.
    This creates a particularly pleasant climate that gives the ancient healthy practice of the hay sauna a prominent position in every wellness area. You will be pervaded by an intense fragrance of hay containing herbs and Dolomite flowers gathered in the Dolomite area of Monte Cherz at an altitude of over 1,900 metres above sea level. This area, in fact, is home to a wide range of flowers and herbs with multiple healing properties for the bronchi, immune system, heart, etc. the ancient wood inside completes the olfactory well-being.
    This treatment promotes purification of the respiratory tract, blood circulation, detoxification of the body of accumulated toxins, strengthening the immune system and stimulating the metabolism.
  • A Bio Sauna that can be transformed into a Finnish Sauna if required, enriched by enveloping essential oils obtained from dried Dolomite herbs and flowers that give a feeling of greater well-being, the atmosphere and warmth are enriched by the presence of wood that makes the environment pleasantly relaxing.
  • A Steam Bath with light effects, here, due to the high humidity, the amount of sweating is greater, but is felt less. The essential oils and healing herbs dissolved in the steam are absorbed by the skin and respiratory tract and have a beneficial effect on the entire body. Thanks to the healthy combination of moisture and heat, the body relaxes, and muscle tension tends to decrease. The warm steam penetrates the tissues and increases blood circulation to all organs, thus initiating a healthy and beneficial process. The steam bath has pleasant effects against rheumatic pains, witch's blows, metabolism problems, circulatory disorders, menstrual pains, colds, catarrhs, bronchitis, allergies and skin impurities.

Find peace in nature

To complete your wellness experience, take a seat in our spacious relaxation area on the Ladin farm. A peaceful atmosphere welcomes you, where time expands. Lie back on the loungers, sip an organic herbal tea, and allow yourself the pleasure of a quiet meditative rest.

During the summer season, you can relax in the outdoor solarium area at the foot of the Sella Group, surrounded by a grove of fir trees, immersed in the nature of Arabba and Passo Campolongo.

Take a deep breath of the pure air of the Dolomites and enjoy the benefits of this profound feeling of wellbeing that will invigorate your senses and your spirit.

We are waiting for you in our Hotel in Arabba with swimming pool to experience unique moments of relaxation in our SPA with its wonderful view of the Sella massif.

Let go of everything that weighs you down

For those who love to feel good and take care of their spirit, we have created a small space dedicated to meditation, yoga and pilates practices. In it you will spend pleasant moments of intimate silence to find yourself in the here and now.