The family of the Hotel Monte Cherz

NEWS 2024

New Wellness Center

Dear guests, we would like to introduce our essence


We want to be a leading and sustainable company, which evokes emotions through regeneration, which faces change with innovation and love, in order to create well-being for our guests, our collaborators, the nature and the society that surrounds us.


We want to recall the spirit of the past. The essence that you breathe in as you walk through the door - the magic savoir faire of the “Bel Paese”, welcoming smiles, and affectionate memories. A time when holidays were made of rest, tranquillity, and true hospitality. Where frenzy, rudeness, and ostentation are not the norm. Here nothing is design.  Here everything has a soul, which leads to dialogue and humanity. A humanity that has been lost. A humanity in which people can make mistakes. A humanity in which perfection doesn’t exist, if not that of mother nature. A humanity made of respect for nature and people. A humanity in which dialogue, a smile, an “excuse me”, and a “thank you” still exist. We love sustainability in all its aspects. For this reason, we pay a great deal of attention to the selection and development of our employees. Our staff and the nature are the most precious resources we have at our hotel at Campolongo Pass.


A. - BarLady

I have been working with the De Dorigo family for 12 years. I have always been very happy.
I have chosen to stay with them all these years because they are very warm people, they have respect for each of us and they make us feel special, because they are special.
I recommend this company because it is full of warmth, it makes you feel at home.

L. - Pizzaiolo

I have been working in this company for 11 years and have always felt at home.
I saw the birth and growth of an entire generation of the De Dorigo family.
Those who come to work in this company find special and above all human people, which is why they will never want to leave.

M. - Housekeeping

I have been working with the De Dorigo family for 7 years and have always found myself very well. I chose to continue working with them because of the family atmosphere that has been established, the family is very helpful. I really appreciate the esteem and trust they have shown me. I would recommend anyone to work here, for the well-being and seriousness of this company.

V. - Housekeeping

I have been working for this company for 6 years, during the winter season. I found a team, a very united team, always ready to help each other when needed. The work is well organized, without stress, together with simple and serious people. I feel like I'm part of a big family. Anyone looking for a safe and serious job is in the right place!

M. - BarLady

I have been working with the De Dorigo family for two years. I have a great time and that's why I chose to continue working with them! Every employee feels special: for their way of being, with education and respect. I would recommend this place to anyone as they are truly wonderful!

C. - Reception

I worked for the De Dorigo family for 4 years. I can say that you work in a peaceful environment with clear rules and well-defined tasks. Employees are respected, needs listened to and managed in the best possible way. Goodwill and fairness are recognized, rewarded and certainly reciprocated.