The family of the Hotel Monte Cherz

Dear guests, we would like to introduce our essence

The essence you breathe when you step inside is the magic of Italian savoir faire, the smiles that greet you and the memories you cherish. Feel right at home where cosiness and simplicity free the mind.

This is the origin of our vision and our mission: to bring back the spirit of the past. A time when holidays where made of tranquillity, relaxation and real hospitality. Attention to detail towards guests and in the atmosphere. Where confusion, rudeness and ostentation are not part of the furniture. Here nothing is designer. Nothing is static. Here everything has a soul; a soul that revives dialogue and humanity. Humanity that has been lost in an era of mobile phones and social networks. A humanity in which people can make mistakes. A humanity where people can learn and are not born learned.  A humanity where there is no perfection. A humanity where there is still dialogue, smiles, apologies and courtesy.

This is the reason we pay so much attention to choosing and developing our staff because we believe that people are the most precious resource we have at our hotel at Campolongo Pass.